Social Radar

At the dawn of Myspace and beyond, I was there, as were most of us. I’ve made hundreds of profiles and made hundreds of friends. Yet, it seems social networking is still just beginning, and I’m far, far behind. Happily, though. Of all the screen names I’ve made, of all the pen names I’ve used and soiled in doing solo amateur porn and ruined, I am happy to be off the radar, for good. I’ve got no friends, other than one person I’ve met online that I still and will always consider a good friend, and really not a single person that’s into what I gotta say, but that’s ok. I’ve accepted my lone rebel status and have let communications and relationships cease to exist from my reality. Sure, there are the real life vampires I have met and still try and haunt me, but I’ve left them in the past where they belong, to feed on the dust of me they think still exists. They’re breathing in their own stale breath from out their bloody snouts. I have no idea what I intended to say here, or the point of this- I guess just that I don’t know, you know? Awesome.


I’ve Hit Level 21

The amount of insulin taken today can easily be the overdose of tomorrow. Being insulin dependent is no different than using and abusing street drugs, I feel. I’ve come within a hair of Diabetic Shock, one too many times, at times not even knowing or feeling the slightest warning sign. When that low, low blood sugar hits, you feel as if you’re smothering or drowning with seizures and black-outs, none of them are a comfortable thing to endure, or surviving for that matter.